Feature Updates


  • Added Social Security Maximizer to determine optimal Social Security filing strategy — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Improved accuracy of Social Security benefits estimates and other calculations by incorporating date of birth


  • Added Social Security spousal benefits modeling — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Updated Medicare IRMAA chart for annual threshold and surcharge inflation
  • Created Feature Updates page


  • Added Additional Social Security Scenarios feature for cases where a spouse passes away before claiming benefits
  • Updated Plan Assumptions with new fields for Social Security COLA and Pension COLA
  • Updated chart tooltips including primary and spouse age details


  • Added Other Income feature for one-time or recurring income events Major Updates
  • Updated Federal taxes for 2024 including marginal and capital gains tax brackets; NII and FICA remain unchanged for 2024.
  • Updated Medicare IRMAA thresholds and surcharges for 2024
  • Updated Social Security retirement earnings test exemption amounts for 2024



  • Created Features page to highlight capabilities
  • Updated default investment and other growth rate values
  • Added tips to improve outcomes for unsuccessful retirement plans


  • Added Social Security survivor benefits modeling — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Added ROTH conversion feature — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Added Extra Expenses feature for large one-time or recurring expenses — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Added Tax Analysis charts for visualizing taxes including Federal, Capital Gains and Medicare IRMAA surtax Major Updates


  • Added Tax Minimizer feature for limiting taxes below a specified tax bracket — see FAQ for details Major Updates
  • Added Extra Savings feature for ongoing accumulation of pre-retirement savings Major Updates
  • Added updatable Plan Assumptions


  • IncomeWize Retirement Planner initial public release